Manager: Qian Wei
Tel: +86.511.85033319

Business manager: Sui Wei
Tel: +86.511.85033368
Fax: +86.511.85033098
Project introduction of chef dispatchment to Germany

China Zhenjiang International Economic & Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. (CZICC) is an “AAA Credit Level” company of labor cooperation, as well as one of the ten Chinese companies engaging in the business of chef dispatchment to Germany approved by both Chinese and German government. CZICC abides strictly by the laws and regulations of China and Germany, acts in accordance with the requirements of German employer and embassy or consulate on chef business. It operates in standard and abides by contract, which gain high visa rate of chefs to Germany and well behavior of chefs in Germany. Most of the employers are satisfied with the chefs dispatched by CZICC.

Project introduction of chef dispatchment to Germany
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